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Cultural Change

Our expertise is workplace culture, specialising in unique and complex work environments across the private, public and NGO sectors (often male dominated), to inspire action at the highest levels by taking personal stories to the heart of power.

We provide high-level strategic analysis, assessment, advice, and planning to organisations that wish to transform and strengthen their practices and workplace culture, particularly in the areas of equality, inclusion and diversity.

We step up beside courageous leaders, and their employees, as they build the organisations of the future.

In her role as Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth:

  • Led major cultural reform taking the message of gender equality into some of Australia’s most male dominated environments including command and control environments, elite sport, the parliament, media and academia.
  • Was founder of the Male Champions of Change strategy an innovative strategy that brings together powerful and influential men to use their collective voice to address gender equality (for more about this see Projects section).
  • Led a major review into the Treatment of Women in the Australian Defence Force. This work was profiled by NATO as best practice.
  • Led the development of a tool kit helping male dominated industries develop strategies for increased representation of women. This tool provides practical strategies and mechanisms to attract, recruit, retain and develop women. Examples are drawn from current global practice and through research, interviews and roundtables with employees, HR practitioners and leaders in the mining, construction and utilities industries.

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Community Engagement

  • As Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth pioneered a detailed Listening Tour, gathering valuable input for her strategic agenda from a diverse range of people.
  • The result was the creation of a Blueprint for Gender Equality for Australia.

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  • The ‘Know Where the Line Is’ national awareness raising strategy was a 3-way partnership involving Elizabeth and the Australian Human Rights Commission, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Australian Council of Trade Unions.
  • The campaign jointly targets employers and employees to prevent and reduce the harm of sexual harassment in Australian workplaces. • It brought together disparate groups, who do not ordinarily collaborate, to develop strategies to eliminate sexual harassment from workplaces.

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Business reinvention

  • As a partner at global law firm Blake Dawson (now Ashurst), Elizabeth pioneered online delivery of legal services, building The Legal Technology Group.

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Law and policy development

  • As Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth conducted a National Inquiry into Pregnancy and Return to Work Discrimination
  • The Australian Government has now funded the development of a range of resources for employers and employees as a result of this work.

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