Social Media Policy

Elizabeth Broderick & Co engages in social media as a means of connecting and engaging with people. As a business specialising in equality, diversity, inclusion and cultural renewal, our social media space is reflective of our working values. We therefore welcome interactivity on our online platforms and strive to reply to messages.

We ask that our social platforms are appropriate, respectful and tolerant of other people’s views.

To ensure this, we provide some basic guidelines for engagement on our social platforms.

  • All comments must remain respectful and no harassing or explicit material will be tolerated.
  • All comments must be from identifiable sources. We will not accept comments or messages from anonymous accounts.
  • If a comment is purely promotional, we will remove it.
  • We have the right to remove any comment or contribution that we believe is insensitive, harassing or hurtful at our discretion.
  • Repeat offenders may be banned from our page.
  • Our page may encourage ‘friends’, ‘followers’ and ‘reposting’ on its pages but this does not imply any endorsement.

We want to be able to interact with you and use this space as a respectful hub for our work. Therefore, we take what you have to say to heart and hope that this guides you as you decide to engage with us.