Group listening sessions

EB&Co will be conducting group listening sessions with an EB&Co team member online. These will be arranged on a first come first serve basis.

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Further details

Written notes will be taken by the Review team.

If you choose to contribute to the Review by participating in a group listening session, EB&Co will ask you questions about:

  • the workplace culture of Clifford Chance;
  • the risk factors contributing to psychological safety, respect, and harmful behaviours, including sexual harassment, bullying, racism, and other forms of discrimination at Clifford Chance;
  • your awareness of relevant policies, practices, processes, and supports.

EB&Co acknowledges that discussing bullying, harassment, racism, and issues of discrimination can cause distress and discomfort. If you experience distress or discomfort while participating in this Review, you can choose not to answer certain questions, skip questions, or stop participating at any time.